Founded by mortgage experts, cloudvirga™ is revolutionizing mortgage origination by building intelligence into the digital mortgage. Cloudvirga’s mortgage point-of-sale (POS) platforms go beyond just taking an application — they automate tasks traditionally performed by operations to cut costs, improve the customer and loan officer experience and deliver business insights across the origination process.

Cloudvirga’s unique approach to the mortgage process allows lenders to realize the benefits of tomorrow’s digital mortgage today. Information is accurate and compliant from the start, tasks that normally drain resources are automated and complex calculations are performed at the point of sale to create underwriter-ready loans. By combining deep industry expertise with truly intelligent workflow, cloudvirga’s POS platforms offer an all-new approach to digital mortgage origination.

Grown at a top U.S. lender, cloudvirga doesn’t just build pretty apps — we understand that mortgage processing is complicated and the consequences of non-compliance are expensive. That’s why so many top lenders trust cloudvirga.

City Irvine
State California
Country United States
Address 2875 Michelle Drive, Suite 200
Zip 92606
Contact Kyle Kamrooz
Phone Number 949-279-7551
Website Link Visit Link Here
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